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Covid Plan B

This is information is taken from the latest update for communities and village halls from Action for Communities in Rural England.

Community Centres (Village Halls) are now explicitly included in the list of places where face coverings must be worn unless the individual has an exemption. The responsibility is the individual’s not the building owner or organiser of an activity.

There will be exemptions in venues where it is not practical to wear one, such as when you are eating, drinking or exercising and the regulations permit the removal of face masks for singing in the following situations: as part of a choir, service, performance or rehearsal for a performance. 

While face coverings are not at present required in hospitality settings ,the advice remains that they should be worn in crowded and enclosed spaces where people come into contact with those they do not normally meet.  This means that while masks do not need to be worn during an event, they should be worn in communal areas such as the lobby area and toilets.

Ventilation is still considered important, along with good hygiene practices and, where possible, social distancing.

New door locks

We have replaced the front door lock as it was giving some users problems and have changed the locks on the fire exits to make them easier to use. Please make sure if you open any of our doors you close them securely after use.

Thanks for your cooperation.